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Automobiles Gaskets

As a leader in technology, Polyrub manufactures and transfers all of their expertise, experience, quality into the replacements parts business. With a broad product basket, Polyrub supplies Cylinder Head Gaskets for all conventional passenger cars and commercial vehicle engines. We manufacture gaskets in non-asbestos materials which are made as per OEM standards and specifications for all typed of cars on Indian roads. We provide a complete gamut of gaskets: G-Cylinder Head Gaskets, Engine Gaskets, Intake and Exhaust Manifold Gaskets.

Multi Layer Steel (MLS) Cylinder Head Gaskets is an innovative sealing solution for new engine designs. Due to reduced surface qualities of cylinder heads and engine block, component unevenness, distortion, waviness(deviations in parallelism) and roughness(grooves and scores) are responsible for imperfect sealing. Today, sealing between cylinder heads and engine block is achieved almost exclusively by means of MLS Cylinder Heads Gaskets. Polyrub MLS Cylinder Head Gaskets are made keeping in mind the extreme parameters required to meet current CHG requirements. The special design of Polyrub MLS gaskets enable them to adapt to every surface textures.

High- quality Polyrub MLS head gaskets compensate the component’s unevenness and distortion perfectly by means of controlled sealing contact pressure. Macro sealing is affected by correspondingly designed beads in the sealing areas of the outer spring steel layers. Excellent micro sealing is ensured by the additional conformability provided by elastomeric coatings on the outer (head and block) layers, which adapt to the waviness and roughness (grooves and scores).