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Automobiles Filters

High performance systems play an increasingly critical role in engines of all kinds, whether automotive, aviation, or industrial. Polyrub has developed a wide range of high quality Filter Systems specifically designed to meet customer requirements, while ensuring a guaranteed product performance in terms of life cycle and filtration efficiency. We pioneered the development of a new pleating technique to reduce the size of spin-on filters as well as developed a new dual-layered filtration media for fuel and oil applications. Our range includes oil filter systems for turbo-charged engines, eco-friendly fuel filters, oil filters, oil mist separators, water fuel separators, plastic air intake manifolds, air intake systems, plastic cylinder head covers, and turbo-fan dry type air filters.

We recognize that effective cleaning of combustion air and lubricant is an indispensable element in improving the service life of engines and engine components. In line with this understanding, we have manufactured air and oil filters.

AIR INTAKE SYSTEM: Our intake modules condition the combustion air and optionally create resonance charging or variable runner length charging for improving the torque and power. The combustion air processing generally involves filtering, heating, separating oil and other particles from the crankcases as well as admixing exhaust gases (EGR). Besides processing the air, our air filter systems assume additional tasks such as flow management, design and acoustics. In this way, our scope of supply encompasses both components and complete systems.

AIR INTAKE MANIFOLD: We manufacture switchable intake manifolds. Produced cost effectively in a plastic multiple-shell design and with resonance charging or with variable runner length charging via flaps or sliding sleeves. As a result, the engine achieves a high torque even at low speeds, yet enabling high speeds and a high maximum power. In the area of direct-injection gasoline engines, this technology is combined with intermediate flanges and their tumble flaps. These produce a tumble flow in the combustion chamber of the engine. This enables the mixture formation and rate of combustion to be improved, which in turn leads to less exhaust gas emissions and lower fuel consumption.

AIR CLEANERS: In addition to standard air cleaners with or without cyclone separators, we also provide customer-specific air filter elements and air filter housings for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Air filter elements of various types are used for filtering the intake air. Metal-free filter cartridges with efficient filter media and high dust holding capacity guarantee dust efficiency of up to 99.9 percent. Although cellulose media have predominantly been used for filtration in the past, we have introduced new developments aimed at achieving higher efficiency and dust holding capacities. To this end, multi- layer filter materials made from cellulose melt blown and nanofibers as well as completely synthetic non-woven materials have already been optimized for mass production.

AIR FILTERS: Air filters are key components behind a car life, as they purify air that passes through the combustion chamber and protect the engine from the hazard of impurities. Polyrub air filters for automobiles, commercial vehicles and trucks anticipate market requirements and give exceptional filtration levels, with longer filter lives and reduced maintenance costs. A core area of development is focused on achieving longer service intervals. Mechanical or electrical sensors provide a reliable indication of the maintenance status of the filter system. The filter is freely accessible and maintenance can be carried out without the use of tools.

OIL FILTERS: Polyrub oil filters protect engines from external impurities or from particles, generated by normal operation of machine parts. Our filters guarantee top performance in terms of consumption, engine maintenance and environmental friendliness. The development and production of complex oil filter modules has long been a core competence of Polyrub. The approach regarding "engine lubrication and cooling" as a complete system enables solutions for the integration of many other functions in addition to the filtration and cooling of lubricant oil for pressure, and temperature control purposes.

These include oil separation, sensors for pressure and temperature control, regulation of oil pressure and crankcase housing pressure control as well as the optional integration of a fuel cooler. This integration and the use of state-of- the-art materials—in particular high-performance plastics—results in considerable cost and weight savings. Eco-filter elements are increasingly being used, which are easy to change and dispose of. Long-life filter elements based on leading-edge filter media and production processes play an essential role in extending the service intervals.

FUEL FILTERS: fuel filter modules optimally condition gasoline and diesel fuels for the combustion process—through the use of high-separation filter media as well as an extended function range. In fuel filters, for example, the optimum fuel pressure can therefore be ensured by a pressure regulator integrated in the fuel filter. The reduced number of interfaces has a positive effect on the emissions of the entire vehicle. Our fuel filters ensure utmost protection to carburetors and injectors, long life of the car and optimum engine performance.

Advantages of fuel filter modules

  • Multi-layer melt-blown filter media for minute particle separation
  • Highly efficient dual-layer water separation in compact design
  • New innovative automatic water disposal system
  • Modular system structure
  • Customer-specific solutions
  • Environmentally friendly, completely incinerable filter inserts
  • Service-friendly maintenance